Aug 2013 29

SPL_BalearicBass_FIN_webOn September 3rd, SMOG presents a new direction for SPL that could become a genre of it’s own. ‘Balearic Bass’ draws influence from the Balearic sound originating from Ibiza, Spain that gained popularity in the mid 1990s. The sound encompasses a variety of elements spanning across multiple genres including bass drum, snare, and hi-hats programmed in certain laid back swing-beat patterns along with soul, Latin, African, funk and dub affectations. SPL takes this sound and gives it his own modern interpretation, adding hard hitting dubstep kicks and snares, well-crafted basslines, and modernized, crunked out drum programming. The EP’s final track, ‘Rain,’ is a high-energy drum and bass tune that incorporates big room, reverberated vocals, beautiful techno arpeggiations as well as heavy, reverberated pianos. ‘Balearic Bass’ is OUT NOW in all major online music retailers.

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