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For the last few years Pawn has been a notorious figure in the Smog label, known for his eclectic production style and powerful dj sets. He has released a number of singles on labels such as SMOG, Levitated recordings, and Dubstep Records. Pawn has also lended a hand in remixing for The Glitch Mob and the largely successful “Wu-Tang Meets the Indie Culture Vol. 2: Enter the Dubstep,” in which he worked on tracks for hip hop legends GZA and Ras Kass.

“Close The Lights” shows something of a journey through the range of music that has become Pawn’s unique sound. Showcasing his love for his home state of California “Golden Gates” kicks off this experience. Song’s like “Sleepless Nights” and “Chasm” show a deeper introspective side while “Slot Machine Eyes” and “Release Her” fit more for the party vibe. Perhaps the strongest of the album is “So Blue” which builds its echoed vocals as the synth and bass work drive it home.

“Close The Lights”
1. Golden Gates
2. Sleepless Nights
3. Release Her
4. Click Track Heart
5. Chasm
6. Unify
7. So Blue
8. Reach Out
9. Slot Machine Eyes
10. Through The Fog

pawn – close the lights by pawnsound

Pawn – Close the Lights is out in shops now!

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