Jan 2012 18

12th Planet ft. Flinch “The End is Near (Part 1)”
Directed by Jason Ano
One & Only Productions

A hipster/homeless beardo holds up an sign announcing The End Is Near. A fat man smoking a cigar sees a bachelor throwing out an old TV. But does the beardo believe his own sign? And might that TV has one last broadcast in it? Directed by Jason Ano, this new clip for 12th Planet & Flinch’s apocalyptic bass-buster “The End is Near (Part 1)” tell the tale. Remember: CONTACT IS VITAL.

For more information and content visit http://www.12thplanet2012.com/tour

Jan 2012 17

Skream dropping into midnight request line at Smog 5 Year Anniversary.
Skream – Chest Boxing
Skream – Midnight Request Line

Jan 2012 16

Check out the event recap of Smog vs. Bassehead during Ultra weekend in Miami, FL.

Jan 2012 15

Scion Audio Visual / Smog
Directed by Ryan Fitzgerald

In this deadpan urban examination, we see the daily rat race turned on its head as Los Angeles digresses into absolute disorder amid overdriven dubstep.

To learn more about the Scion A/V Video series visit: scionav.com/​music/​scionavvideo

Jan 2012 14

SMOG 3 YEAR ANNIVERSARY – Los Angeles, August 29, 2009
Plastician, 12th Planet, Babylon System

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