Nov 2014 11

MOTHERLOAD_final5000BFor both hip hop and the rapidly growing world of dance music, the backbone of every tune, is the beat. Wordsmiths and vocalists may create a great story with lyrics, but much like a beating heart, a good beat brings a song to life. Inspired by Los Angeles’ longest running and well renowned beat showcasers, Low End Theory, we’re releasing a new compilation concept that features up and coming beat producers called Motherload Vol.1. For the first edition, we’ve got ten beats from buzzing talents like G Jones, JSTJR, Troy Boi, Repeated Measures, Gypsy Mamba, Sherpaa, Taurus Scott, Patrick SEXX & BLEEP BLOOP, Algo, and Cazal Organism who are bringing a fresh outlook to producing norms. From the kitschy, the glitchy; the jungle , dub, and trap, we’ve definitely hit the Motherload, and it’s out now on SMOG Records!

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