Sep 2011 27



Kemst is the tireless MC and resident poet of SMOG whose unwavering chants and rhymes keep the energy flow on fire and inspire the crowd to move, not only on the dance floor, but forward in the pursuit of their dreams. Also a DJ and bass player, this lyrical stylist says what needs to be said, rattling off uplifting and motivating shouts that bounce from the top of his head, his voice a clean knife-slice to the dark and dirty layers of dubstep. Not content to merely perform his art, Kemst provides an integral connection between the DJs and the crowd, fusing the party together into one blast of creative expression. His cries to “believe in yourself” are a refreshing revision from the standard MC shouts, and his role at SMOG shows is not only to engage the dance floor, but to remind them that indeed we are all part of the international electronic music community. Unfailing in energy and always fun, Kemst is coming soon on a bicycle to a SMOG show near you.



  1. Kev "Ickis" Allen says:

    Goodjob keepin the crowd hyped tonight man!

  2. This is blasted Jacky Elastic. Thanks for coming to my bday with Deco. I have no idea where that dude is at.

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