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Mysterious blue tunnel to the light. Way to another world.Dubbed “the mad scientist of drum arrangements,” DLX, known to his postmaster as Drew Peterson, has been performing and crafting an intricate blend of drum funk, breakbeats, jungle and original dubstep for nearly a decade. Coming up during the freshest days of the West Coast’s sub bass movement, DLX is an original member of the SMOG crew and continues to reconstruct his tonal architecture and brain rattling style. Never one to err on the side of caution, “the mad scientist” builds another sonic monster of luscious synths that suspend in space alongside rough, choppage and a footwork bounce for the Quantum Bounce EP due out on SMOG Oct 21st 2014.

An atmospheric reverb of strings cues the beginning of Quantum Bounce on the clamoring beauty of “LIVIN.” The swell of layered organs and synth pads build to a nostalgic climax for over a minute before diving head first into a juke bounce lead by a double kick drum and a ricochet hihats and cymbals that fill every space in each measure. The journey of “The Murkulator” starts with a simple, washed-out melody of three notes. It then builds tension with menacing bass lines that slide over top jungle themed bongos and hihats that chase the kick drum in triplet counts. DLX utilizes the right amount of scifi and lofi themes on “Just Kickin’” while the crisp snare work pierces through a call and response of toms and deep sub bass. “Lazer Cats” is a timid, stripped down tune that tells its story with a zip lined sounding mid range and fleeting echoes of reggae styled guitars and keys. The title track follows, starting with a sustained, searing synth that backs a syncopated melody before a frenzied drum fill of snares leads to a tumultuous tipping point. Floating amidst a hopeful headspace, “Moving Away” brings the EP to a close with a euphoric atmospheric gaze that neutralizes the dark, choppy jungle rhythms and breakage throughout.

Always quick to adapt his forward thinking concepts, Quantum Bounce shows DLX masterfully repurposing his signature percussive talents to a softer aesthetic.

OUT NOW: Beatport // iTunes

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