Oct 2014 28

Bloodthinnerz_Tragedy_SMOG062_fin_webTaking advantage of their musical background as guitarists in metal bands, bloodthirsty duo BloodThinnerz, Kevin AeroBlood and Ernest Manimosity, have a knack for creating an aggressively savage sound that rides along hard hitting basslines. Armed and ready to join the riddim gang, the Los Angeles natives are erratically and systematically causing Tragedy with their latest EP out now on SMOG Records!

There are few tracks in existence that compare to the sonically fluctuating midrange of “Ghetto Gospel,” and it sets the standard swamp tone for Tragedy in a matter of seconds. An ominous howl meets you at the start of “Deaf Dub” and then glides into a wet, fatty bass as the beat continues with intermittent rests. The beginning of
“Cryclone 2014” has a main hook that seems to swallow itself whole every few measures, but ultimately it prevails as the synth pads zipline overtop a half step groove the rest of the way. The EP closes with the melodic distortion of “#BloodGang” and with machine gun snares and an uptempo quick shuffle, Tragedy ends on a high that will leave you wanting more.

These twenty somethings prove yet again that they have a deep-rooted knowledge and understanding of the dubstep’s everchanging metamorphosis and we can’t wait to see what else BloodThinnerz has up their sleeves.

OUT NOW: Beatport // iTunes

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