Oct 2014 15

ALGO_WorldOfHurt_SMOG060_FINDavid Tamini, known as ALGO, has been on the come up for the past couple of years with dubstep and hip hop releases that instantly grab your attention. Armed with heavily distorted bass lines, slamming drums, and wonky rhythms that you won’t soon forget, ALGO makes his debut on SMOG with the dark, stormer extended player World of Hurt EP.

World of Hurt kicks off with the purple haze of “Bank Roll.” Stretching wonky, frequency flexed synths over a steady kick and snare, “Bank Roll” sets the menacing tone of the release. The purp vibes continue on the next track “Ridin’ Sideways.” Channeling Wiz Khalifa’s “Cup,” “Ridin’ Sideways” has an aggressive midrange bass that demands to be heard from main stage speakers. The title track follows suit with a slow burn of bent, wet synths and spastic snares throughout. “Evil Gas” closes out the release with a gritty, zipper sidechain and a quick shuffling snare helps to keep the track moving forward.

Describing himself as “a little guy with a big sound,” Algo’s World of Hurt embodies all of that and a whole lot more.

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