Sep 2014 30

Pyramidz 2014 ep artDavid Sandstrom aka Pawn, has been flooding our music libraries for many years with his vast catalogue of drum and bass, dubstep, footwork/juke, glitch hop, and even house tunes. Using his surroundings and endless musical influences to create a colorful palette, the Los Angeles resident and SMOG stalwart reconstructs and redefines dark, twisted broken beats with his new EP Your Feelings.

Your Feelings starts off with the title track. Pairing up with drum and bass veteran Kemst, “Your Feelings” begins with a juke rise and ends on a neuro funk high. Kemst also lends a hand on the next track “FWD.” With tight, snappy drums reminiscent to the classic “Dark Soldier,” “FWD” teases you with a scattered sub bass b-line and a soft, panning trumpet that weaves around jungle grooves. “Void” is a stripped-down techstep-inspired track that builds upon a dark, sci-fi landscape and funky polyrhythms. The fourth track is the drumfunk-flavored “RWD,” which, despite its title, brings the extended player to a close with layers of atmospheric pads and complex drum patterns.

Never one to stick to the same BPM, Pawn continues to surprise and and delight with the well-crafted Your Feelings.

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Sep 2014 24

Caspa500_LAX_webSMOG presents

with special guest THE OTHERS
+ More TBA

Basswieght provided by: PK Sound

SUN. NOV 16TH. 2014


10PM • 21+
LOT 613 • 613 Imperial St. • LA/CA 90021
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Sep 2014 23

Print Flinch and Infuze proved they are a tour de force with their 2013 collaboration, “Belly of the Beast.” Enlisting the ragga stylings of Elan, the original “Beast” is a stripped, reggae‐influenced trap tune boasting a resonating low end and hints of jungle sprinkled throughout. Trolley Snatcha injects his sonic-spanning sound on his remix, taking the “Beast” to a higher key range, offering a melodic overture amidst growling synth pads, sharp snare paradiddles, and a grimey dubstep beat. The fresh remix comes equipped with an awesomely eerie music video and while it might have you rethinking your next fishing trip, the video is perfectly soundtracked by Trolley Snatcha’s gnarly “Beast” edit.

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Aug 2014 26

photoContinuing his forever eclectic journey, Flinch returns to SMOG Records with a four‐track EP in Too Much.

Too Much starts out with the title track and gives healthy nod to old school breakbeats. Asking the question “How much is too much?,” the vocals, provided by rapper Dell Harris, bounce over a slick house rhythm and are joined by a bassline that’ll warm you up in no time. “Gypsy” follows, with a hyper‐trap groove and expansive melodic synths that have become synonymous with Flinch’s classic aesthetic. “Y’all Already Know” is a punchy, peaktime track that features Trouble & Bass talent Star Eyes. With crisp claps and rattling bass kicks, “Y’all Already Know” is guaranteed to make bootys move. Pairing up with I Need $$, the fourth track is “Deep” and brings the EP to close. Starting with transient effects that could easily double as a soundtrack to a space odyssey, Flinch cuts through the atmospherics using zipper‐distorted synths pads which, in turn, gives “Deep” its well‐balanced structure.

Never one to reside among the confines of one BPM range, Too Much is just another reminder of Flinch’s tastemaking capabilities, delivering a wide selection of tunes for both the house and bass communities.

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Aug 2014 19

Rell Gorgas art samp lllToday SMOG presents a new release from RELL THE SOUNDBENDER entitled GORGAS. This three track EP spans across multiple genre’s of bass music and club sounds. The track MTHAFKA features a collaboration with STYLES & COMPLETE. Available now in stores everywhere!

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